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   Okay, be sure to Google them, YouTube them, do what you need to do, but when you finish this issue of BU, go get Midnight Skyracer’s debut album Fire. It’s a must-have. One can only imagine the joy this hard-driving new group would bring on a nice spring afternoon with the windows rolled down or a mid-summer night’s drive to a festival. This five-piece, hard-driving Anglo-Irish all-female band has captured lightning in a bottle.

The album has seven original songs penned by band members and three other traditional tunes. It kicks off with “Fuel To My Fire,” written and sung by Leanne Thorose, which sets a high-energy, clean, professional tone that carries all the way to the end. Each cut could be mentioned here if space allowed, but it will have to suffice to say don’t miss “They Want To Go,” “A Little Luck,” or “Virginia Rose.” Hazel Dickens’ “Working Girl Blues” gets a great turn, as does “Susan Ana Gal.” There’s even a Bill Monroe tune.

Joining Thorose is Tabitha Agnew on vocals and (super-clean) banjo; sisters Laura (vocals/fiddle/resonator guitar), and Charlotte Carrivick (vocals/guitar) and Eleanor Wilkie (vocals/bass).

This group has only been together for a year, which is hard to believe, and they are sure to make some noise on the charts as they get airplay and coverage. But, don’t just take my word for it; Ron Block offers a hearty endorsement in the liner notes as well. (www.midnightskyracer.com)MKB

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