Morning Walk

Dave Berry is a San Francisco area mandolinist who has created this instrumental project of all-original material with the help of a host of guest artists. On fiddle there is Jee-Hee Haar, Kyle O’Brien, Joe Osborn, Andy Lentz, Helen Lude, Leah Wollenberg and Brandon Godman (violin). Guesting on guitar are Jesse Poteralski, Josh Smith, Olivier Zyngier, Mike Wilhoyte, Mike Thompson, Lucy Smith, Jesse Fichman, Aaron Zorndorf, Scot Brenton, and Jeff Canton. On bass are Mike Gubman, Ted Silverman, Mark Schatz, Sean Silverman, and Jeremy Darrow. Banjo guests are Starr Moss, Bill Foss, and Christine Wilhoyte, and helping on other instruments are Shannon Chrisman (dulcimer), Leslie Chin (whistles, Henry Salvia (piano, accordion). 

All these artists are spread throughout the selections on this project, which includes the title “Morning Walk” with Chrisman and Chin, and “Buster’s Farewell” with Godman and Salvia. The other tunes include “Pipehorn Backstep,” “Abbey Creek,” “Mussel Rock,” “Payne Gap,” “Scotch Hops,” and “Blackwater Flood At Buffalo Creek.” 

Berry’s mandolin of course is featured throughout with some nice twin fiddle work from the players. Godman’s violin is featured on the slow tune “Buster’s Farewell” along with Salvia on piano, and, there is some good claw hammer banjo on “Blackwater Flood at Buffalo Creek.” This is a very nice project from Berry with some very good performances by all.

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