No Label, No Number

   If you’re a guitar player with a love of vintage instruments, this album is for you. If you’re an acoustic music fan with a love of gorgeously played tunes, this album is for you. And if you’re a jaded listener with a need for something unique and entrancing, this album is for you.

Ondra Kozák, from the Czech Republic, may not be a well-known name on this side of the Atlantic, but he should be. His playing shows a deep facility with and understanding of flatpicking guitar in bluegrass and other genres. Kozák is a five-time Guitarist Of The Year for the Bluegrass Association Of The Czech Republic and has played with a number of successful European bluegrass bands.

The idea behind this crowd-funded recording began in 2017 when he met someone (unnamed) with an extensive collection of acoustic guitars. The idea of doing a solo recording using a different guitar on each track took shape. He decided, correctly I think, to record his solo guitar rather than placing a band around it. You can hear the full tone, texture, and personality of each guitar. It’s a beautifully produced, recorded, and presented CD with excellent photographs and descriptions of each guitar and tune. A sampling to whet your appetite: “Wheel Hoss” on a 1944 Martin D-28, “Homage To David Grier” on a 1938 Martin 000-28, and my favorite, “Killing Me Softly With His Song” on a Martin OM-18. Guitars made by Gibson, Larson Brothers, and Washburn also make appearances.

A fascinating and beautifully played and produced album of solo acoustic guitar. Highly recommended. (www.ondrakozak.com)CVS

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