Radio Days

It’s rare for bands to stay together for long in any genre or to keep a franchise going through multiple generations of listeners. However, the Chuck Wagon Gang has defied that pattern.

The group has been around for 80 years, obviously with many, many band changes. It started during the golden age of radio and their new album, Radio Days, is a tribute to that time. There are even cut-ins for old sponsor Bewley Mills, a flour brand in Texas and the “announcer” from WBAP in Forth Worth, Texas.

The Chuck Wagon Gang, or Chucks as they are sometimes called, focuses primarily on gospel music. It should be noted for listeners that this is not a bluegrass gospel album. 

Radio Days features soft melodies and solid harmonies from Scotty Owenby (bass and mandolin); Melissa Kemper (soprano); Josh Garner (tenor); Shaye Smith (alto); and Darrell Morris (bass and acoustic guitar).

Songs like “I Want to Be a Real Cowboy Girl,” “I’ve Changed My Mind” and “I’ve Just Seen the Rock of Ages” reflect back on the 1940s sound when the band got its start.

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