The Best Of Leon Morris

Patuxent Records—CD 358

  Leon Morris grew up in Canada and learned the music listening to country artists like Hank Show and Wilf Carter. In the 50’s he played with the York County Boys and others, picking up fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and banjo. In 1959 he moved to Detroit where he played with Earl Taylor, Walter Hensley, Vernon McIntyre. The group moved again to Kansas City, but after a bit the band decided to move back home to Baltimore and Morris went along. He married, moved to Virginia and played with Bill and Wayne Yates, Jack Tottle, Buzz Busby, and Jay Armsworthy. 

This project is a look back at Morris’ 40 years of previous recorded work, and includes more than 14 artists ranging from Danny Paisley, Kevin Church, Tom Mindte, Wayne Lanham, Bill Yates, and Billy Wheeler, just to name a few. The songs on this project include a number of Morris’ own compositions and few from others like Busby, Charlie Moore, and Reno & Smiley. 

 Morris does a nice tribute “Charlie” for Charlie Waller, and his Gospel songs include “Heaven Is Waiting For You,” and “God’s Highway.” Others are “Lena,” “Blue Monday,” “Now I’m Free,” and the instrumental “Shreadin’ It Down.” There is Busby’s “Going Home,” Reno & Smiley’ “Drifting With The Tide,” and Moore’s “Find ‘em Fool ‘em, Leave ‘em Alone.” This is a really nice retrospective look at the music of Leon Morris and gives the listener a worthwhile experience.

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