Lindsey Family Records
LFR 0011

Eleven kids explains how the Lindsey Family can have a 13-year-old on banjo as they release their eighth album. They do it by having, as they write, “several kids in the bullpen.” Some move on. Others are brought up. The current lineup consists of three original members—guitarist Alan (dad), mandolinist/fiddler Caleb, and guitarist Rebekah—and relative newcomers, Naomi on bass and Timothy on banjo. All but Timothy sing, as does Tammy (mom) on one track, a wonderful cover of the country-style “Secret Place,” on which there are hints of Claire Lynch. Four younger kids from the bullpen—Susanna, Liberty, Michael, and Olivia—make their inaugural performance on the traditional “Soap And Water.” This is a gospel album and a good one. There’s a nice variety of songs and textures with good harmonies, solid lead vocals, and instrumental work. Caleb’s mandolin, along with Alan’s guitar leads, are of particular note.

The album opens with the delightfully upbeat “Every Saint” sung by Caleb. While not a gospel tune per se, the positive message it conveys fits here perfectly. As with about half the tracks here, its form and presentation has a contemporary feel. Other tunes using that approach include the soft, slow lilt of “Heart Of The Wood” and “Beautiful Name,” the percussive and funky “Screen Door,” and the grinding, harder-edged “Wayward Son.” More traditional is their cover of the public domain song “Oh, What A Day” that’s given an ’80s Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver feel. “Crosses And Stones,” with Statler Brother overtones, is also solidly traditional. A pleasing cover of the standard “Three Men” and the aforementioned “Secret Place” gives an all-around good recording an added lift. (Lindsey Family, 4601 Hwy. 218, Greensburg, KY 42743,

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