The Way I See It

Bell Buckle Records

This is Daniel Crabtree’s fourth release and contains all-original material written by Crabtree. He is joined by Scott Vestal (banjo), Gaven Largent (resonator guitar), Patrick McAvinue (fiddle), Cody Kilby (guitar), Harry Clark (mandolin), and Dave Roe (bass). Guests include Evan Winsor (bass), and vocalists Aaron McClune, Rick Stanley, Donna Ulisse.  Donna Ulisse also produced the session with Scott Vestal handling the engineering. 

Crabtree grew up in the area around Greenbriar, Tennessee. His father had an old guitar.  Daniel started to learn to play at the young age of 15. He began playing at a local church and joined others to form a local gospel group, The Lights Chapel Boys, which is still active. 

Over the years, Crabtree began writing songs, and attending music camps where he met Ulisse who helped him hone his writing and eventually record his songs. Ulisse also produced Crabtree’s other albums, the first two of gospel and the third more secular. 

This new project contains a mix of gospel, roots and bluegrass which cover his and other life experiences. “The Way I See It” is aptly named as this collection is Crabtree’s view on the world. Song includes “Sally Sunday”, “He’ll Change Your Life”, “Til We Meet Again”, “On Angel Wings I’ll Fly”, and “Give It To God”.  He also writes and sings about “Cotton Pickin’ Town”, “Life Of A Railroad Man”, and “The Gambler Levi Jones”. Others include “Hobo King”, “On The Run”, and “Three Feet Away”.

His songs have been covered by Larry Sparks, Valerie Smith and others. He also has won awards for his songs at the Independent Music Awards and the International Acoustic Music Awards. A new project from Daniel Crabtree, the way he sees it.

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