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This EP consists of six cuts that sound like the final examination for a Berklee College bluegrass class. The playing is topnotch, smooth as silk, and layered like a triple-decker chocolate fudge cake. It is well recorded and is wonderfully rich. The ensemble playing is exquisite. They go from silence to full throttle in a split second. This is bluegrass taken to an extreme and will be a big hit with those who like their music progressive, with a dab of the new age and not a lick of moss, as it all burned off along the way.

The problem for the more traditional enthusiast will be finding the hummable melody. For the fan of jazz-grass, there will be no problem. They are quite capable of playing something that sounds traditional, like “Hoss And Rumble” which starts out with fiddle and banjo, sounding almost old-time except for the Celtic-style triplets in the banjo (no small feat). These fellows blend styles like a sous chef.

This Boston based band consists of Gabe Hirschfeld, banjo, Josh Dayton, bass, Matt Witler, mandolin, Hayes Griffin, guitar, and John Mailander on fiddle. They display considerable talent as they explore the musicality of the old in a new way. (Josh Dayton, 10A Buzzards Bay Ave., Woods Hole, MA 02543.)RCB

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